Rehoming Your Pet

Keeping your pet with you until another home is found is the best option!

Please do not expect us to take in your animal because you are moving, having a baby, having difficulty training or are bored with your pet... space is limited and there are other options. 

Have a dog with behavior a trainer. 

Moving but can't take your pet with you....find another place that does.

We have connections and can help your keep your pet!

Your pet is not "better off" at the shelter; the shelter is stressful for both cats and dogs. Imagine spending 24 hours a day in a kennel with other barking dogs, strange smells and strange people all while missing your family. 

You are your pet's best chance! 

Please try to find another home for your pet prior to calling the shelter. Its the last nice thing you can do for him/her. YOU are the only person they have known as their family and often times surrendered animals become depressed, uncontrollable, confused or withrawn, narrowing their chances of becoming adopted. 

Most adopters do not come into the shelter wanting to adopt an animal with issues however cute they may be. We can offer to crosspost in our online database, facebook page or refer you to a local trainer and hope you will work with your animal before giving them up. If HELP the Animals is unable to accommodate your situation, please explore these other resources:

Second Chance Animal Rescue

Animal Welfare League (Facebook)

Adopt-A-Dog (Facebook)

Liberty Acres United Rescue

If you are able to find your pet a new home, please be sure to check references. Calling their vet is a great way to ensure the new owners will take care of pets in their home.

Intake Fees

If you find a stray dog or cat there are no fees. (A donation would be helpful)

If you are surrendering your pet to HELP the Animals expect to pay a fee. Below are the intake fees that will help cover the cost to care for your pet:

  • Single dog or cat $20
  • Litter of puppies or kittens $60