See Something, Say Something

We are their voice! Please speak up and contact the appropriate authority while following local and state laws. Make sure to have proper evidence and include the exact address. The more accurate information you can provide, the better.

Contact Animal Control

Wayne County Animal Control: (765) 973-9355
City of Richmond Animal Control: (765) 983-7247

Town of Centerville Police Department: (765) 855-5222

State of Indiana

Indiana abuse & neglect laws apply to all domestic animals.

Pease click here to read more about Indiana animal cruelty and neglect laws. 

Wayne County

Please note that a dog may be tethered without time limits in Wayne County but there are restrictions to the tethering. Currently, the ordinances are not online. Please contact Wayne County Animal Control for more information.

City of Richmond

Please click here to read more about City of Richmond animal cruelty and neglect ordinances. 

Town of Centerville

The Centerville City Council has updated its vicious dog ordinance to ban pitbulls or "any dog which has the appearance and characteristics of being predominately of breeds to bull terrier." The town mascot is a bulldog, considered by many to be a bully breed. The breed ban is considered (BSL) Breed Specific Legislation.

Currently, ordinances are not available online. Please contact the Town of Centerville for more information.