Missing Pet

This is a terrible time for any pet owner. Social media, flyers, door-to-door is a great way to begin the search for your lost pet. The sooner you get the word out and the more information you share, the more likely you'll get your pet home safe and sound. Be sure to include the area/location your pet went missing along with a detailed description.

  • Make posters that include easy to see pictures of your missing pet
  • Pass out index cards to neighbors with a description of you pet and your contact information
  • Post pictures on social media
  • Check in with local vet offices
  • Check all of your local animal shelters
  • Don't give up! 

Lost & Found

Keeping the lost pet in your care until you find the owner is the best possible situation. Social media is a great way to help the lost pet find their way home. There are many local facebook groups that have great results in reuniting lost pets with their owners.

If you are unable to keep the lost pet and HELP the Animals does not have the space, please call Animal Control, either County or City, based on where you live.

Wayne County Animal Control: (765) 973-9355 

City of Richmond Animal Control: (765) 983-7247

Town of Centerville Police Department: (765) 855-5222

Any lost pet taken in by HELP the Animals is put on a three day stray hold. Proof of ownership is required for all stray pet owner pick ups.